Autonomous crane technologies 

Raising efficiency and Safety 


Cranes play a pivotal part in a variety of heavy industries, mainly construction, infrastructure & ports. In many sites, the crane is the bottleneck dictating the productivity of the entire site. This is the catalyst driving the industry to invest a great deal of money in the development of the "autonomous crane", that is expected to bring substantial operating costs savings, increasing outputs and improving safety.

Since the appearance of the modern tower of in the 1940th, operators have been maneuvering loads while restraining the pendulum motion (aka load sway) along the entire transport route. Operators reduce load sway by selecting a longer transport route and by limiting the acceleration of the load to a minimum.

Starting in the early 2000s, electronic systems have been integrated in to tower crane controls, "mimicking" human operators, automatically limiting acceleration.

Syracuse replaces existing electronic systems with its innovative operating protocol, independently maneuvering the crane in multiple degrees of freedom and maximal acceleration, actively restraining the load sway optimally, when reaching the destination.


The Syracuse system is comprises of several main components:

Motion control sensors - a series of motion control sensors installed on the crane that monitor the actual position of the crane and the load

Load camera - the load geometry is measured using a camera, which is also used to monitor the load sway

Load weight - the weight of the load is calculated using a cable tension unit

LIDAR system -  a LIDAR is used to repetitively scan the environment in which the crane operates, generating an accurate 3D model for the system to maneuver the load without colliding with obstacles

Signaler indicator - the target is marked on the 3D model or by a manual indicator operated by the "Signaler"

Operator control unit - a unit that shows the operator the planed route, the current position of the crane & the load, and allows emergency stopping and remote operation, if necessary




CEO and Founder – Noam Rotem: B.Sc. Engineering and MBA. 10 years experience leading business and working in cutting edge technology startups.

Algorithm leader – Doctor Oded Medina: Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering & M.Sc. Electrical Eng'. Expert in Kinematics, flexible mechanisms and real time motion planning in high dimensional configuration spaces.

Crane Engineer - Amichai Lapidot: B.Sc. Mechanical engineering and mechatronics, over 10 years of practical experience in mechanical and safety activities in the field of tower cranes, including construction and operation of cranes at construction sites and participation in the development of peripheral systems for cranes.



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